Axesor 360

by Axesor Risk Solutions

Axesor 360: Your solution for commercial credit risk management

Axesor 360 is an advanced solution for credit risk management that provides security, automation and efficiency to your business.

Value proposition:

This innovative cloud platform applies Artificial Intelligence in credit risk modelling, allowing you to make your decisions with the utmost precision. The solution is adapted to every type of organisation, multi-company and multi-user. Axesor 360 provides a way to improve your results and optimize your management:

• Having personalised credit risk indicators for each client, based on Machine Learning techniques that include in their calculation: internal transactional information, external information (financial, mercantile, judicial incidents, etc.) and our exclusive payment behaviour datawarehouse.

• Reducing the default ratio and DSO of the portfolio, to control delays in collections and uncollectible sales.

• Decreasing the loss of opportunity for lost sales.

• Generating automatisms and efficiency in the order-to-cash process.

• Incorporating comprehensive alert system with associated action plans.

• Integrating all the necessary information for its management, internal and external.

• Having an online platform adapted to suit your company, to achieve greater control over your credit decisions.

The technological solution offers guaranteed security backed by the Microsoft Azure cloud, and allows access from any type of device. We offer multiple functionalities that simplify daily processes, giving your company important competitive advantages for data management, visualization, reporting and alerting.

Cross-cutting contribution to your organisation:

• CFO and General Manager. Global and updated overview of the credit risk KPIs of the entire group.

• Credit & Collection. Monitoring of the entire portfolio and collection management. Automatic credit process.

• Cash Management. Forecasting of the expected payments.

• Sales. Real-time customer assessment and analysis of underused limits.

• Customer Service. Customer management, orders, interdepartmental coordination.
How do we do it?
Consulting and Implementation:

• As Is/To Be analysis of your process

• Communication with your systems

• Customized risk indicators

• Bespoke Axesor 360 platform
Execution, Maintenance and Evolution:

• Continued credit risk management service on our cloud platform

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