Blindspot Optiplan


Optimize your schedules within minutes

OptiPlan is an automated, flexible, planning and scheduling system for workforce allocation. This system creates an optimized schedule in a minute while removing spreadsheets and time-consuming manual work. Sudden changes to production targets are processed within minutes when the new optimized schedule is recalculated with Optimus 4.0 platform. Maximize your service levels and meet your production targets by allocating the right people to the right tasks and shifts with an automatically created plan reflecting all possible limitations and sudden changes.

Business needs addressable by OptiPlan:

  • Optimal shift and personnel planning - Allocating your employees with the right skillset to the correct location and time slot is crucial for smooth operations and customer satisfaction. OptiPlan will help you compute optimal schedules for your employees and consider even the most specific business rules your operations require. 
  • Scheduling in complex production operations - OptiPlan embraces all conditions and constraints that the schedule needs to reflect. Our library covers 100+ ready-to-use business rules to schedule employees in complex production operations.

  • Sales representative visits and shop assistants planning - Minimize your employees' travel time and cost and optimize your branches' visits through intelligent automatic planning. OptiPlan considers your CRM data, predictions about routes, and the necessary time to maximize your business plans. 
  • Big operations planning (branches, employees) - You can plan processes and shifts at the management level of the entire branch network and in the granularity of their individual departments and positions within a matter of seconds. OptiPlan helps you to combine all necessary skills across your business.

  • Prevention of the spread of diseases - Minimize unnecessary contacts between employees to mitigate the risk of covid-19 or other diseases. 

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