SaaS DQM Adresses


DQM Adresses allow Postal corrections and assist address entry by displaying dynamic lists

This application is available only in French DQM Addresses SaaS DQM Adresses Service has dual purpose :
  • allow Postal Restructuring and Normalization on already entered addresses,
  • assist address entry by displaying dynamic lists of relevant proposals.
Postal address is a critical need to be able to validate in real time, whether for users on a site of e-commerce, for example, or for "internal customers" who enter new accounts in a Database.

Indeed, to make an efficient geocoding and, for example, improve logistics depends, it is essential to ensure that these processes rely on good mailing addresses truly restructured and validated.

That is why SaaS DQM Adresses Service returns detailed information, on one hand, on dysfunctional recovered and, on the other hand, the remaining issues. Each address part is precisely qualified : Destination line, Postal Code and City, Street, Other Address lines.

In real time, SaaS DQM Adresses Service achieves these objectives while allowing easier and faster entry.

Moreover, it can offer dynamic view lists on streets, postal codes and cities, sorted by descending order of relevance, depending on the instant input.

SaaS DQM Adresses Service is part of a range of six SaaS Services published by CBC DEVELOPPEMENT. In addition of postal addresses validation, these services allow to validate emails addresses, update and enrich Phone Numbers, assign « SIRET code » and enrich BtoB databases, search and retrieve duplicate records in BtoB and BtoC Databases, analyze, measure, generate and use catchment areas..

This range of Services is designed to handle both existing data « in stock » (when migrating database, for example) and process « flow » that appends BtoC and BtoB databases in their daily lives.

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