Umo Rewards

by Cubic Transportation Systems

An innovative, fully integrated advertising and loyalty solution provided as a service.

Umo Rewards is a first-of-its-kind loyalty rewards, incentivization and advertising service for transit agencies and brands, built for the digital age. Based on Microsoft Azure, the open-source the Umo Rewards platform allows transit agencies to build custom loyalty and incentive programs that reside within their existing mobile transit apps to help shift peak transit patterns, ease the pressure on the transit network and promote smarter and healthier mobility choices.

Umo Rewards enables transit agencies to address key transit challenges of the twenty-first century: reverse the decline in transit ridership, recoup the lost revenue, and find innovative revenue streams by enabling a new type of partnership between agencies and advertisers. Umo Rewards helps agencies become valuable and attractive advertising partners and build traveler loyalty in a quick and inexpensive way, by leveraging existing assets and technology for advertising purposes and monetizing not only their mobile apps but also transit infrastructure including gates, ticket vending machines (TVMs), and other previously underutilized physical assets. In addition, Umo Rewards allows agencies to incentivize desired travel behavior by allowing travelers to earn loyalty points to offset transportation costs.

Umo Rewards is a platform agnostic software provided as a service in Azure, which enabled an open architecture with Application Programming Interface (APIs) ‎ready for back-office integration, as well as CRM ‎integration, mobile app integration, and other ‎functionality. 

The solution is now live with Miami-Dade Department of Transport and Public Works. Today, nearly 60% of Miami GO app monthly users use Umo Rewards and the program has already attracted several brands, including Bausch and Lomb, Ricola, Johnson and Johnson, and Paragon Vitamins, generating over $17,000 from video views alone.


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