Fujitsu Market Place Cloud


Increase your revenues, manage orders and transactions efficiently with Market Place Cloud

FUJITSU Market Place is a Composable Digital Retail Commerce solution with the flexibility to increase retailer revenues, manage the order and transaction process, enhance shopper and associate experiences, and increase enterprise efficiency across the customer journey.

Built on MACH (Micro-services, API-first, Cloud hosted, Headless) application architecture, Market Place future-proofs retail IT investment, through full flexibility and easy deployment: 100% cloud, hybrid and (optionally) Headless. Standardization and repeatability significantly reduces the complexity and cost of the digital commerce journey.

Fujitsu's retail heritage, global reach, and global delivery capabilities and enterprise integration services make us the ideal partner for delivering this essential enterprise retail solution at speed and cross-border.

A SaaS service, hosted on the Azure Cloud by the Fujitsu team and monitored and supported by the Fujitsu Cloud and Market Place support teams, we offer an easy and reliable end to end service to provide a flexible and reliable digital retail commerce solution.

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