Springboard® for Microsoft Azure


A secure enterprise-level infrastructure-as-code framework for Microsoft Azure

A secure enterprise-level infrastructure-as-code framework to build your future on.

Springboard® for Microsoft Azure is a solid framework to accelerate your business towards agile practices and running a software-defined adaptive cloud platform on Microsoft Azure. The framework is engineered to seamlessly combine the design, deployment and management of your Landing Zone in Azure, providing you with an everything-as-code solution.

With Springboard®, you receive an extensive library of quality code and blueprints for deploying Azure services and Enterprise Scale Landing-Zones. By utilizing the library, you can develop new solutions much faster and focus on creating added value, while significantly reducing both costs and the time to market. The perpetual license to the Springboard® assets guarantees you keep your keys to the kingdom and can continue to build your business on the Springboard codebase by yourself or with a third party. By subscribing to the Springboard® support service, you get code-base updates and immediate access to new capabilities.

The following Fujitsu services are engineered to utilize the Springboard® framework. When combined with Springboard®, they provide you with a full portfolio of cloud transformation and managed services:

  • Springboard® project - highly structured professional services engagement to rapidly produce your customized Landing Zone as code. Documented, tested, and ready to deploy.
  • Cloud Migration - relocate your essential IT infrastructure and applications onto Microsoft Azure quickly and with minimal disruption.
  • Fujitsu Cloud Managed Service - extensively automated managed service for cloud operations.
  • SAP on Azure - cloud migration and SAP S/4 HANA transformation with extensive managed services.

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