AI based Pharma Insights


AI based business insights for Pharma around HCPs, Patients and Payers

Graphene’s Pharma AI Engine, Mavis,  is trained by Medical and Pharma experts to identify, group and present insights by indication and country.  The insights that are gathered by the engine are presented as online trackers or PowerPoint presentations by Pharma and Market Research experts.  

Mavis, understands the medical lexicon and is able to independently analyze, aggregate and present complex insights in a user-friendly way.  The humans-in-the-loop, pharma and medical experts, train the engine, building the framework for analysis and interpret the insights. Indication and country specific insights are gathered by processing information from a vast array of sources including medical communities, research forums, patient-doctor discussion groups, conference and academic publications and other publicly available information on research and approval.

Graphene’s Pharma AI uses cutting edge technology to provide an in-depth understanding of patients/caregivers and HCPs for a specific indication in a country.  By providing deep and actionable insight on the challenges faced by Patients, Caregivers and HCPs we enable Pharma companies with the information necessary to have a deep understanding of not just the behaviors of patients and HCPs but also the reasons for the behaviors.  We model behavior and predict how patients, caregivers and HCPs would respond to new and existing diagnosis and treatment protocols.  This understanding helps Pharma majors address the gaps in access, care and support, improving not just treatment but the quality-of-life as well.  These deep insights cover the entire patient journey from testing and treatment to beyond-the-pill patient support and access programs. 

The insight is provided at a regular cadence and at less expense than traditional research methods and performed for all indications, including rare and ultra-rare diseases and most geographies including emerging markets.

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