IDOS - Direct Benefit Transfer Management

by IDOS India Pvt. Ltd.

Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Management - Avoid month end stock and subsidy reconciliations.

IDOS DBT Management enables you to minimize your subsidy leakage by tracking your stock position in the entire supply chain and enables timely filing of subsidy claims with government.

Enhance process efficiency in DBT Management

  • Real-time stock position and reconciliation with iFMS
  • Send alerts to field staff on stock position and deviations with iFMS
  • Manage accrual and filing of subsidies
  • Increase efficiency in liquidating the slow and non-moving stock
  • GPS enabled mobile application for field staff

Key Features:

- Avoid delays in reconciliations resulting in subsidy leakage

- Efficient management of working capital

- Stay mobile, manage remote access

IDOS creates a bridge between your ERP and iFMS (Integrated Fertilizer Management System – GoI portal) through Excel Add-in, automated workflows compares the deviation in stock levels and send alerts to field staff who in turn ensure that wholesaler/retailer acknowledges the stock receipts on time. IDOS connects iFMS to your ERP and lets you take control of subsidy realizations.

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