OpenBlue Central Utility Plant

by Johnson Controls

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Real-time optimization improves reliability, sustainability

Next-generation software ensures your central plant earns its keep

Your central plant is likely the biggest contributor to occupant comfort, the biggest supplier of energy—and the biggest consumer of energy. Keep it running at optimum efficiency with the next generation of plant optimization software from Johnson Controls. We build on our innovative OpenBlue digital platform to connect systems and data for intelligent, automated decision-making. See rapid ROI, drive down costs, increase reliability and advance your sustainability goals.

Continuous Optimization

Our Central Utility Plant (CUP) solution monitors thousands of variables, gathering data every 15 minutes from your connected equipment and from external sources such as weather forecasts and utility rates. CUP automatically generates and implements optimization decisions, controlling many brands of equipment and plant types. You make the most of utility incentives and minimize utility costs.

How OpenBlue Central Utility Plant Works

Revolutionize heating, cooling, and electricity generation for your company, campus or city. See how you can benefit from predictive cost optimization with Central Utility Plant.

New Plant Simulator release streamlines project creation

Use OpenBlue Plant Simulator to simulate hourly utility use and costs over a year. Run “what-if” scenarios to develop budgets, understand future capacity limitations, and explore myriad opportunities to reduce costs and increase sustainability. See product details, then register to try it yourself.

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