Sukra Industrial Platform

by Katpro Technologies Inc

Sukra : Achieving New Possibilities

Next-gen platform opens incredible new horizons for any business IoT initiatives.
Based on flexible microservices, easily adapts to almost any need and application. It scales from a
tiny start-up to a massive corporation and supports advanced deployment models for multi-cloud IoT solutions.

The most flexible IoT platform for any business : 
* Built on a modern cloud-native architecture and flexible microservices,
* Fully customizable feature set.
* Highly Scalable and adaptable to various Business application
* Supports advanced deployment models for multi-cloud IoT solutions.
* Set up data processing and analytics pipelines
* Enterprise-grade security in and out of IoT device ecosystem.
* Orchestrate On-Prem , Single and multi-cloud IoT deployments
* Standard ways to manage and retrieve observations and metadata from heterogeneous sensor systems.

Advantages :
* Cloud / On-Prem Deployment.
* Highly Scalable.
* Portable , Fast .
* Open IoT Protocol.
* Customizable.

At a glance