KPIT Asset Management Platform

by kpit technologies

Platform for cloud-connected services for Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric mobility.

Today’s Connected Vehicle and Mobility platforms largely support conventional Use Cases through purpose-built architectures, that have limited ability to support emerging features over time.

Connected Services platforms need to remain current and relevant to support ongoing release of new features. 

Industry needs a platform with architectural provisions and cloud best-practices for support for emerging Services. 

Such a solution can help Vehicle OEMs and Mobility Service Providers thrive in meeting new demands due to evolving trends and consumer lifestyle changes. 


Connected Services platforms face an uphill task in staying relevant through a vehicle or service’s lifetime, as new trends and consumer lifestyles require features that were not considered possible at design time.  This after-thought approach leads to inferior User Experience driven by patchwork of IT systems that are difficult to integrate, maintain and upgrade over time. 


An API-led, containerized, micro-services driven platform that leverages new and emerging concepts in cloud-based architecture can support hygiene Use Cases, as well add new customer-facing Services on-the-fly.  In addition, such a platform backed by a central, rich Data Lake can open new possibilities for insight-based features, services and monetization opportunities.  


Connected Vehicle and Mobility services launched using such a platform reduce obsolescence risk in the face of new features, address needs of multiple stakeholders, escape IT patchwork and provide an elegant experience to the end consumer of the vehicle or service.

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