RealTime SPC

by Minitab, LLC

Real-time Statistical Process Control to monitor your critical automated manufacturing processes.

Seamless data automation meets the leading analysis engine. Monitor and protect your critical manufacturing process with the ability to detect, identify, manage, and eliminate production quality issues when and where they happen, all with a single solution backed by the Minitab® Statistical Software control charts and analysis tools trusted by leading organizations for 50 years. The cloud-based Minitab® solution for next-generation statistical process control provides operators, engineers, quality teams, and managers with detailed, real-time data to assess current operations on-site and at sites across the globe and take appropriate proactive or remedial steps to ensure product quality and meet production goals.

All your centralized, blended, quality data is available for easy, at-a-glance monitoring with real-time control charts and dashboards, including: • I-MR • Xbar-R, Xbar-S • I-MR-R/S • C, U, P, NP Control charts and dashboards are automatically updated in real-time for optimized operations and reporting, with collaborative tools for sharing insights and detailing issue, root cause, etc.

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