Drone Flight Management System (FMS)

by Mobius Logic

Ensure safe and efficient drone ops with the Mobius Logic Drone FMS on Azure.

As enterprises take to the skies, drone program directors are faced with scale and ops complexities. Staying current on regulations and ensuring that internal procedures are followed are the top challenges in scaling up drone ops while minimizing risk exposure and reducing costs. The Drone Flight Management System (FMS) from Mobius Logic connects all your people, processes and devices into one efficient drone operations platform. Our interactive airspace map allows you to see regulatory air restrictions (NOTAMs and TFRs), plan flights, register pilots and pilot certificates, collaborate with crews, approve flight requests and keep a digital trace of all flight activities in a secure and reliable cloud-based set of web and mobile apps. Our customers use the FMS to: (1) Comply with regulations and corporate safety procedures across all their enterprise drone operations, (2) Digitize and centralize all their flight activities in one system of record, and (3) Collaborate efficiently across their people, processes and drones for flight planning and flight mission analysis activities. Mobius Logic’s Drone FMS, built and deployed on Azure, connects all your people, processes, and equipment involved in flight missions into one scalable, secure, and reliable cloud-based platform that is easy to integrate with your LOB applications.

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