Co-City Citizens Engagement

by Pulego Technologies

Leverage technology to enhance citizens engagement and improve service delivery efficiencies.

Governments that listen to their citizens deliver better services and formulate better policies.

Mobile App for Citizens Engagement

Citizens have a critical role to play in advancing transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in the delivery of essential services. Smart Cities leverage technology to effectively engage citizens, efficiently provide services, improve participatory democracy, and enhance administrative efficiencies. Co-City mobile platform is one such solution. The Co-City App empowers citizens to report safety, by-laws, and service incidents to their municipality, while they receive updates and alerts from the municipality. Citizens are able to directly interact with their local government in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

Dashboards to Enhance Service Delivery

Automate Incident Management:

Co-City provides an intuitive web-based dashboard that enables municipal officials to instantaneously receive rich mobile data and capture incidents reported from multiple channels for appropriate action to be taken following an integrated workflow process. The Co-Safety Dashboard automates incident management, tracks incident progress, and creates a single version of the truth within a municipality.

Gain Insights through Data Analytics:

Co-City Dashboard provides data analytics capabilities that enable dynamic visualization of incidents data in various reports and heatmaps. Data Analytics build intelligence of incident hotspots that can aid the strategic deployment of resources, evidence-based decision-making, and planning by the management of the municipality.

Integration and Customisation:

Co-City mobile platform has API capabilities to enable integration with other systems in a municipal environment. The system is customisable to cater for any service delivery environment whether there is a need to digitise incident management, integrate mobile apps, and proactively engagement of citizens. It is a solution for Smart Cities that want to leverage technology and innovation to deliver services.

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