by Real Data Consulting, LLC

Two-way business text messaging from a business phone number.

MessageLeap is an innovative communication platform. We offer business texting for an evolving workplace. Our solutions enable you to communicate the way your customers do.
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How it Works

  1. We text-enable your current business phone number.
  2. Send emails to your customer.  They receive it as a text message from your number.
  3. They reply to the text. You receive it as an email.

Why it is Great for Business

  • Your number is already out there.
  • Text open rate is 5X greater than email open rate and 10X phone answer rate.
  • Uses your secured email system.
  • Customer communications and NPI do not pass through employees’ personal phone numbers.
Ease of Use
  • No new apps required. Leverages existing email application.
  • Customers already communicate by text. No customer training required.

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