by Secfense sp. z o.o.

User Access Security Broker

Secfense User Access Security Broker (SUASB) protects against phishing and credential theft. The tool enables any multi-factor authentication method (OTP, FIDO2/WebAuthn, Biometrics, etc.) on any web application. The deployment is done in minutes and can be easily scaled to all the apps across the organization. Easy scalability is possible due to the fact that the tool works as a reverse-proxy and is independent of the tech stack. Secfense User Access Security Broker in big simplification is a form of a security layer. It works as a reverse-proxy that sits between any internal application and the external user. Secfense is also an enterprise service bus (ESB) for security modules such as two-factor authentication (2FA). Each 2FA method is completely independent of the protected applications. This means that it can be exchanged instantly without affecting the application workflow. SUASB has two main goals: 1. Making the authentication process resistant to phishing 2. Adding customizable authorization steps wherever it’s necessary (microauthorizations) What makes us different comparing to other brands from authentication space: The tool is installed as a virtual appliance in the customers' infrastructure and from that moment is completely owned by the customer. We are not SaaS and we do not touch any user sensitive data ever. the setup of the tool takes minutes and can be easily repeated on any number of web applications there is no interference with the protected application code Since we often get asked about Single sign-on (SSO). We come where it's too hard to introduce SSO - legacy, custom-tailored apps, admin panels etc.

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