Intranet News Add-In

by Steffen Haase Internetprogrammierung ( Sharepoint Online )

Intranet "News & Articles" Sharepoint Add-In

With the "Intranet News" Add-In you can easily publish News & Articles for your Intranet The "Intranet News Add-In" has the following Features: ---------------------------------------- - Contains an fully Richtext Editor to Edit the News Description with many format options and features like Attachment / Image Upload / Add Hyperlinks - Automatic installation in your SharePoint Online Site ( Creates all necessary lists, libraries etc. ) - Supports different Roles ( Reader / Authors / Editors / Admins ) - Create News & Articles ( with Images, Attachments, Deletion Dates, Publish Dates, external Link ) - Search Features such as "Search by Category", "Search by Text / Dates / Authors" - "News Read Counter" ( counts how often the news was clicked ) - Automatic Deletion Feature ( Field "Deletion Date" )

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