Call Journey - Leader in Conversation Intelligence and Analytics

by Call Journey

Conversation intelligence and analytics solution which connects directly with Microsoft

Advanced, continuous customer intelligence derived directly from customer interactions.
Our software automatically transcribes your customer interactions and analyzes them to pinpoint the root cause of:
  • Why customers are calling

  • Why they’re dissatisfied

  • Where the effort is

  • Why they’re calling back

We automate the analytical heavy-lifting so that our customers can make smarter, faster, higher-impact decisions about what to solve, what to digitize, and how to improve customer service.

Not just data and insights, but recommendations

  • Customer Intelligence Storytelling: Unlike basic analytics tools, we transform complex datapoints into a compelling story, revealing root causes and actionable recommendations to drive real customer impact.
  • Recommendations: Most customer analytics just give you data. We give you direction. Our AI cuts through the noise, uncovering hidden patterns and recommending high-impact customer projects to drive real results

      • Customer Friction Score: Our proprietary model analyzes conversations to pinpoint friction, from repeat calls, to difficulties understanding, to self-service struggles. We help you eliminate customer frustration and create more seamless experiences.
        • Hybrid PII Redaction: Unlike competitors limited to in-cloud PCI redaction, we secure ALL sensitive data (PCI & PII) across any deployment model - both cloud and on-premise/in the customer’s environment.

        Impact Measures:
        • 26% revenue
        • 220% churn reduction
        • 26% efficiency

        Leveraging advanced AI technology, Call Journey CI, the leading provider of conversation intelligence solutions, empowers businesses to unlock valuable insights from their customer interaction data, illuminating the following key areas:

        1. Customer Azure utilization for:

        • Data and audio storage and driving greater insights via analytics from the Azure Machine learning studio solution
        2. Business Applications with interaction data being added to:

        • Customer Insights
        • Customer Service Insights
        • Dynamics 365 Marketing
        • Sales Insights
        • Dynamics Customer Experience
        3. Power Platform utilization covering:

        • PowerBI for trend analysis and visualization
        • Power Virtual Agents adding speed to bot deployment via conversation insights

        At a glance