Asset Management: 10 week implementation

Arbela Technologies Corp.

Maximize asset usage, reduce downtime and optimize your supply chain

Ready to move from reactive to proactive and predictive asset management? Arbela can help with rapid deployment services for Asset Management, an extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. The solution is deployed according to your unique supply chain needs and can be scaled and further customized as assets are added or removed, or as your business needs change.

With Arbela Asset Management you can:

  • Minimize asset downtimes
  • Manage assets on location(s)
  • Track usage and maintenance history
  • Switch from unplanned to planned maintenance
  • Improve work order and fault management
  • Incorporate asset data into enterprise systems, including Dynamics 365 Finance

We provide a templated solution that can be implemented in 30 days, 60 days or 90 days depending on your specific business needs to make a difference in your supply chain management that lasts a lifetime. Our three solution levels include:

  • Essentials: Manage a primary functional location, complex asset structures, work orders, and incorporate mobile devices into workflows and reporting
  • Standard: Includes everything in Essentials, with additional scheduling and dispatching functionalities, and management of multiple functional locations, and enhanced mobility services
  • Enterprise: All of the above, as well as, fault management, and a host of additional features or options including leveraging loT to further insight and productivity

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