Azure Information Protection 2 week Implementation

KiZAN Technologies

Control and help secure email, documents, and sensitive data that you share inside and outside your company.

Discover, classify, and protect sensitive information all while controlling access to your critical data wherever it may go.

During this 2-week implementation, KiZAN will help you go farther with Microsoft 365 by assisting with an initial production implementation of Azure Information Protection. KiZAN will address standard Microsoft 365 use cases and up to two scenarios unique to your organization by optimizing the classification structure of your Microsoft 365 documents and emails. Sample use cases for Microsoft 365 include automatically applying office documents and emails with labels to help with discovery, classification, and protection of sensitive information. This will enable rapid adoption of Aure Information Protection with minimized user impact.

Azure Information Protection addresses the critical need for any organization to control document and data sharing both internally and externally.

Implementation of Azure Information Protection allows for:

  • Classification of Microsoft 365 documents and emails based on sensitivity
  • Persistent data protection, inside and outside your organization
  • Visibility and control to data sharing and access
  • Secure collaboration with granular access controls
  • Simplified data protection through direct Microsoft 365 integration
  • Flexible deployment and management

Azure Information Protection Accelerator Deliverables:

  • Completed Azure Information Protection overview and planning session
  • Expert assistance defining a labeling and classification structure for sensitive documents and emails
  • Configuration to support your unique labeling requirements
  • User communications and guide to streamline onboarding
  • Production pilot of your labeling solution
  • Documentation of your environment, and next steps
  • Initial production deployment

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