Supply Chain Control Tower 2 Day Assessment

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Sunrise Supply Chain Control Tower – Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Rapid Deployment – Free 2 Day Supply Chain Resiliency Assessment

Businesses don’t compete – but their supply chains do. And with risk permeating supply chains like never before, consumer-facing brands must have end-to-end visibility of their operations to remain competitive. Fast reacting supply chain solutions can provide retail and CPG companies resiliency and intelligent insight into a rapidly changing environment. The Sunrise Supply Chain Control Tower is a turnkey solution that helps companies anticipate and proactively respond to disruptions across their extended supply chains.

The Sunrise Supply Chain Control Tower enables supply chain planners to run “what if” scenarios to visualize the impact of supplier and inventory changes across all selling channels. What if your top selling product is sitting with a vendor that may go out of business? Or what if your most in-demand product is stuck in your retail stores, but you need it to fulfill eCommerce orders? The control tower helps answer questions like these for proactive decision making. By harnessing business intelligence and analytics, planners can move fast to mitigate the risks of inventory shortages, out of stocks, overstocks, and supplier disruptions.

To determine if the Supply Chain Control Tower is the best fit for your company, Sunrise is offering a free two-day supply chain resiliency assessment, during which our consultants will analyze your business objectives against your system pain points and make recommendations.

Deliverables: A best-fit assessment of the Sunrise Supply Chain Control Tower for your organization and how it will address both your business and systems pain points.

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The Sunrise Supply Chain Control Tower is a streamlined implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management based on a simplified data model and can be implemented in as little as 16 weeks.

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