ODT Field Ticket 365

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Simplify your service process from field ticketing, to invoicing, and financial reporting.

Are the details of each service job falling through the cracks and costing you money? Do you need a more dependable solution to record job information in the field?

As a service business manager, you know how important it is to document the details of each job, transfer that data to Invoicing, and provide accurate information for payroll processing.

ODT Field Ticket allows your employees in the field to accurately capture and submit job details for internal approval. You can efficiently record services completed, who performed the service, equipment used, and other details of the job. You’re also able to configure for use with Items and Resources/Services with specific rates per customer, customer group, and campaign for each job.

Once approved, the field ticket posting automatically generates the Job Journal and posts the journal lines to the Job to create Job Planning Lines and Job Ledger Entries. A detailed sales invoice can then be generated and printed for the customer. Enhance your rental management processes by appending the Field Ticket Lines to a Rental Contract to combine rental and field charges for the customer. Additional Job Costs can easily be recorded via Time Sheets, Purchase Invoices, and Journal. Entries can also be tagged as Billable or Non-Billable.

ODT Field Ticket is fully integrated and linked to the Job Costing module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The app is browser based and works on a desktop, tablet, and phone.

Features and benefits:

  • Default Field Ticket information with values from the Job Card
  • Pull customer master data from the Job Card
  • Consolidate all labor and material costs
  • Easily generate one invoice from multiple field tickets
  • Set up special pricing per contract or task
  • Print or email a field ticket in detailed or summarized view
  • Create profitability reports and run Work In Progress Reports

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Supported Editions:

Essentials and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported Countries:

United States and Canada

Supported Languages:

English (United States, Canada) and French (Canada)