Avanade Cross Border VAT automates complicated processes related to finding and applying VAT info.

The Cross-Border VAT asset for Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables users to manage many different VAT numbers in one legal entity. This asset uses intelligent VAT flow configuration and comprehensive functionality to automate the process of managing complex VAT flows for companies trading across country borders. As a result, the Cross-Border VAT asset helps sales and finance teams save time, eliminate errors, and avoid potential compliance issues.

Key Benefits of Avanade Cross Border VAT asset: 

  • Automates complicated processes related to finding and applying VAT information to transactions and invoices.
  • Uses an intelligent workflow to simplify VAT processes, even for companies with multiple VAT information and complex internal processes.
  • Reduces VAT errors—and the amount of time once needed to troubleshot VAT questions and resubmit invoices.
  • Mitigates overall risk with record-keeping and audit capabilities that ease compliance efforts and concerns.

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