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SO99AXi: the innovative solution for the Demand Planning

SO99AXi is created by Engineering 365, part of the Engineering’s competence center Engineering Enterprise Solutions, and its partner ToolsGroup.

This is a standard interface between Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations and Service Optimizer 99+ (SO99+), an innovative tool developed by ToolsGroup for Demand Planning, Inventory Optimization, and Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP). SO99AXi manages all items and customer master data adding fields and information in Dynamics 365 for Operations and the customers can freely set up the system without meaningful constraints due to the interface. Data exchange between the applications can be scheduled with the needed cadence. SO99+ feedback consists of forecasts, planned orders proposals, safety stocks proposals that can be accepted, rejected or modified.

To learn more about SO99AXi interface and the ToolsGroup tool for the Supply Chain Planning and Optimization, contact Engineering 365.