Mergers and Acquisitions Deal Tracker

Definity First

Automate and track your M&A pipeline process.

M&A Deal Tracker is a centralized and powerful app that will automate your M&A pipeline process. Start tracking and prioritizing each of your deals while you decide where to invest/divest.

Forget about disorganized data, documents and data stored all around your virtual space, and trouble finding and following prospects, M&A Deal Tracker provides easy and efficient management to all teams during your Mergers & Acquisitions processes.

All teams and departments can unite around a single app that integrates data and insights you need to support your Mergers & Acquisitions investment decision processes.

Automate business flows, associate prospects to specific team members, and visualize deals from different perspectives while you start fostering success during your M&A pipeline process with the following top-grade features:

    • Tracking of investment opportunities
    • Centralized & secure access
    • Tracking of SME’s collaboration
    • Goal setup & tracking
    • Dashboards & reports
    • Streamline process
    • Custom notifications
    • Custom workflows approvals

From secure information, centralized and real-time data, and automated processes, M&A Deal Tracker provides endless benefits for your Mergers & Acquisitions process efficiency:

    • Reduce closing time
    • Boost productivity
    • Anytime access
    • Build smarter relationships through D365 AI tools
    • Easier decision making
    • Communicate easily with prospects
    • Meet investment goals
    • Reduce time spent on due diligence process

Connect your data and people through M&A Deal Tracker and its cloud-based integrations mobile-ready, perfect to help you track your pipeline process.

    • Native integration with Microsoft’s 365 platform
    • Centralize and secure documents through SharePoint Online and Teams
    • Shared notes using OneNote
    • Centralized communication through Microsoft’s Outlook
    • Reporting and analytics with Power BI

Start streamlining processes, centralize business information, and improve efficiency through the power of M&A Deal Tracker

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