Workspace Booking Application

autor GO-ERP

Easy management of a modern and responsible office.

It allows employers to reorganize office plans by blocking some of the existing workspaces, and for employees to pick and book a table for a certain date. The application consists of 2 environments, one for the user and another for the administrator/supervisor. It has a booking history, integration with outlook calendar, and more great functionalities.  

Some of the functionalities  

  • Opportunity to block some tables in order to keep social distancing;
  • Admin and user panels; 
  • Map for workplace booking;  
  • Reservation status and history; 
  • Ability to approve and decline every reservation by the admin; 
  • Integration with “Outlook” calendar;
  • Ability to quickly customize floorplans and other information by the administrator.

Why this app? 

  • Easy and quick implementation;
  • User login through “Office 365” account; 
  • Clean and intuitive user experience; 
  • Can be used both in a mobile device or a web browser';
  • Opportunity to integrate with "Power BI".