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Unbabel enables enterprises to communicate with their customers in their native language.

Who said language had to be barrier?

Our translation solution gives businesses a cost-effective way to increase CSAT, localize their brand, and scale up.

Enterprises face a huge challenge in providing multilingual support to their customers around the world. Most think they have only a few options: hiring native speakers, relying on translation agencies, or copying and pasting from translation sites. Yet none of these options offer consistent quality or address seasonality spikes. Most importantly, none of these options are scalable.

Our solution
Unbabel combines the speed and scale of machine translation with the quality that can come only from a native speaker. Our adaptive translation engines, coupled with a global community of 100,000 translators, ensure that content is translated quickly and accurately, while respecting brand voice. We provide our customers with a cost-effective way to increase CSAT and deliver consistent customer service to all customers at all times.

Global businesses including EasyJet, TomTom, Skyscanner and Logitech trust Unbabel to deliver native-quality translations of customer support tickets at scale

Your agents bring the support skills. We bring the language skills. Unbabel helps you build leaner, happier teams and put your resources towards strategic initiatives.

Key Benefits

  • Boost your CSAT scores by helping your global customers in their own language.
  • Scale your multilingual support at lower cost. We can handle peak-season volumes and help you cover long-tail languages – no matter where you're based or which agents are on shift.
  • Build a more effective, scalable, and flexible team by recruiting your agents for their support skills, not their languages.

Key Features

  • Unbabel just goes with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 workflow, allowing you to provide comprehensive multilingual coverage without changing your current support processes.
  • Unbabel combines artificial and human intelligence to bring you native-quality translations, consistently outperforming machine translation engines.
  • Our domain localization and glossary features ensure that you sound like yourself — and like a native — in every language.
  • Unbabel is fully GDPR compliant, automatically detecting and redacting sensitive data to protect your customers’ privacy.
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