Leverage the power of Fuze Calls and Meetings directly in Teams.

Built on an intelligent, high-definition cloud voice architecture, Fuze powers the highest-quality calling experience that is secure and reliable on a global scale. As a legacy on-premises PBX alternative, it’s enterprise-grade calling that goes beyond voice by seamlessly integrating with video and real-time content sharing. This all takes place right within the calling experience, on any device, with one single carrier network.

Fuze also offers enterprise-grade HD audio and video conferencing for meetings with up to 1,000 participants with dynamic screen and content sharing. Fuze Meetings can be purchased as a standalone service or enabled within Fuze Calling. Both services are tightly integrated into the same unified application with a consistent user experience across desktop, mobile, and web. Fuze Meetings blends world-class HD VoIP and global dial-in access. It securely delivers a quality audio experience by intelligently routing and dynamically optimizing the experience for each meeting participant based on their location and available network connectivity.

With Fuze for Microsoft Teams, users can start ad hoc calls or meetings from Fuze’s app tab page, a messaging extension pinned below a chat bar, or through bot commands. Users can also schedule, host, and join private, hostless, and high-capacity meetings directly from their calendars.

To start Fuze, enter "@fuze meet" or “@fuze call” in any channel or personal / group chat with the Fuze bot, or search for and pin the app below a chat bar. A simple click on a “Join” or “Call” button is all it takes to get connected to a flawless audio, video and content sharing experience.

Fuze Calls and Meetings will be launched using your computer’s default browser, which will then give you the option to launch the Fuze Desktop app if installed.

A Fuze enterprise user account is required to use the Fuze application. If you don't have a Fuze account, go to or contact your IT administrator to have your organization try and sign up for the Fuze experience.

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