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Add Rolldog to Outlook and keep your e-mail, contacts, calendar & sales activities synchronized.

Rolldog is an opportunity management-focused solution that helps B2B sales teams win more business. Rolldog helps keep sales teams engaged and in control of their sales process from 'lead to close', while providing sales managers with greater visibility and forecast accuracy. Rolldog can be deployed as an extension to your current CRM (ie. Salesforce) or as a standalone platform.

Microsoft Outlook is the perfect pairing for users that want to save time and make synchronizing email and calendar events with Rolldog a breeze.


- In Outlook, within 2 clicks you can select and send an e-mail directly to Rolldog

- Contact and company information is automatically populated based on the e-mail address (or search/assign to another company)

- Opportunities associated with that company can be selected from within Outlook

- e-mail is shown as a e-mail activity type in Rolldog, which opens up many other features (internal sharing, follow-up actions, reminders, searchable messages, etc.)

- Calendar events in Outlook can be sent to Rolldog as a meeting activity for visibility and scheduling purposes.

- Calendar activities created in Rolldog can also be displayed in Outlook.

NOTE: Rolldog for Outlook requires a Rolldog account. Rolldog is sold as a SaaS offering. For pricing, see:

If you are interested in a demonstration or would like more information about Rolldog, visit our website at or e-mail us at

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