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SETVI to access your company’s database of marketing collateral, share with customers and much more.

SETVI Engage is the revenue acceleration platform that empowers Sales and Marketing teams to drive more revenue.

With the power of SETVI Engage, you and your sales team can sell more effectively than ever. You can quickly access your entire database of marketing materials such as Flyers, Catalogs, Spec Sheets, Videos, Power Point Presentations, with just a few simple clicks.

Then you can easily share this content with your customers by adding customizable links to your emails. Finally, you can track your customer's behavior and see when and where they opened your emails, what device they were using, and even how long they spent viewing what you shared.

Engage Customers & Prospects Personalization, automation and innovation combine to power better relationships. Drive more revenue with personalized campaigns, promotions and product info that targets prospects and customers with content that converts.

Improve Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

Align Sales and Marketing on one platform that unifies customer data and communications, presentation materials, and campaign tracking. This results in a shared understanding of the campaigns and messages that generate the best business outcomes.

Boost Productivity & Sell Anything, Anytime, Anywhere.

Meet customers and prospects where they are on dynamic digital platforms. Access, search, build, and share updated sales, marketing, and product collateral seamless from any device, online or offline.

Uncover Selling Opportunities Using Powerful Analytics

Bolster Sales and Marketing teams with timely, data-driven insights designed to increase sales velocity. That means more pipeline opportunities, better conversion rates, increased order values, and faster sales cycles.

I get success stories from our sales leader weekly on how SETVI enables engagement from both our reps and customers. The proof is clear when I see via SETVI analytics that we generate sales on items that were never ordered prior to using the platform.

Glenn Harbison, Director of Marketing & Ecommerce at Penn Jersey Paper Company.

Using SETVI Engage will fundamentally change the way you sell and allow you to communicate with more customers faster and more effectively. Accelerate your sales and install SETVI for Outlook Today!

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