Business Reports Dashboard by IDOS


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Use IDOS Add-in to generate business reports for sales, purchase and other analytics from IDOS

IDOS – Accounting & Compliance software, with real-time decision making reports through Microsoft Excel Online.

IDOS DASHBOARD 1.1 Add-in enables you to generate multiple accounting and financial reports for your business and help you in taking informed decisions for your business, based on accurate data. Reports generated by the Add-in include:

• Sales analytics – Branch-wise / product wise sales report and report on cash sales and credit sales.

• Purchase analytics – Branch wise / item wise expenditure report and report on cash and credit purchases.

• Customer analytics – Report on the receivables from each customer, age of receivables and branch wise / customer wise receivables analysis.

• Vendor analytics - Report on the payables to each vendor, age of payables and branch wise / customer wise payables analysis.

Pre-requisites for using IDOS DASHBOARD Add-in:

1. You need to be a registered customer of IDOS Accounting & compliance software. If you have not registered, please register now by visiting our website or write to and we will help you to get started with using IDOS.

2. You must be processing your accounting transactions using IDOS, especially the transactions relating to expenses and incomes.

3. You must have a valid Microsoft Office 365 subscription with Excel online/Excel 2016. Office 2013 is Not supported.

4. You must use latest version of Internet Explorer browser (IE 11 or more), Google Chrome, Firefox browser to access the Add-in. Please update your browser and ensure you are using the latest version.

How to start using IDOS DASHBOARD for your business:

1. You need to be a registered user of IDOS Accounting & compliance software.

2. If you are existing IDOS software user, open your Microsoft Online Excel and in the menu select “Insert” and then select “Add-in” click on Add-in tab in your Microsoft Excel online version.

3. Once you click on the Add-in tab, a pop-up screen appears with two options, “My Organization” and “Store”. Please click on Store and search for “IDOS DASHBOARD” and you will get the IDOS Add-in.

4. Click on the IDOS Add-in and a login screen will appear in your online Excel.

5. In the IDOS Add-in login screen, enter the login credentials that you use for logging into your IDOS Account and click on “Login”.

6. IDOS DASHBOARD will open the dashboard and you can select the report you wish to view and click on “Display Analytics” to see that report in your online Excel sheet.

7. For viewing another report, first add another blank work sheet to in that Excel workbook and then select the next report and click on “Display Analytics”.

8. Write to if you need any clarification or require assistance in using this Add-in.

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