Skyscanner Travel Insights


An add-in to extend Skyscanner Travel Insights to Excel.

Skyscanner’s Travel Insights add-in helps the travel industry to make better decisions in the most convenient context.

Many end users want to use this data in their own way, tie into other research they have conducted or simply manipulate it – and Excel is the ideal tool for this. Travel Insights helps to do that.

By using simple steps in the add-in, complex data queries are passed straight into an Excel sheet ready to use, with no downloads of cumbersome CSV files, no online dashboards and no fuss.

For example – to see percentile indicative pricing between two airports, simply enter two airport codes in the add-in, choose the “Indicative Pricing” option, and the data will be queried and dropped straight into Excel.

Users will need a Travel Insights account to make use of this add-in and trial services are available.

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