Teams Manager

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Governance, Lifecycle & Teams Templates With Approval Workflow. Structure & Control For Your Teams!

Teams Manager helps your company keep control of Microsoft Teams and stop uncontrolled growth, while still enabling users to request new Teams.

Governance features include metadata, lifecycle management, naming conventions, classifications and many more.

Request Process & Approval Workflow

Teams Manager offers an automated approval workflow that allows a pre-selected group of users to easily review and approve all requests for new Teams.


Use customizable metadata to ask for e.g. the department or cost center when requesting new teams. Based on this information, assigned governance guidelines / policies can then be executed automatically.


You can use any Team as a template and add channels, tabs, lists or apps like Planner and OneNote with a few mouse clicks – no code is necessary. Permissions and settings can also be pre-configured for each template. For provisioning new ready-to-use Teams, provide your users with a selection of templates.

Lifecycle Management

With Lifecycle Management outdated Teams will never again clutter up the Teams list. Teams Manager archives and deletes inactive Teams according to your specified expiration dates in the lifecycle. At the same time the integrated Teams Manager bot keeps Team owners informed with automated notifications.

Naming Conventions

For a better overview and structure in Teams you can create naming conventions, i.e. predefined words as prefixes or suffixes that are added to Team names, OneNotes or Planners.

Governance Policies

Build a complete governance automation with different policies for different templates, by combining naming conventions and lifecycle management rules.

Guest Access

Activate guest access for external users and decide for each Team individually if it is allowed to have guest users or not.

Get started in minutes and stay up-to-date with new features

You do not need to handle any installation process. Teams Manager is a SaaS product, hosted by us in Microsoft Azure. Simply click on “Add” and get started.

In short, Teams Manager offers everything for awesome Teams Management and structure right from the start!

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