Wooclap for Microsoft Teams


Integrate Wooclap into Microsoft Teams

With its many features and intuitive use, Wooclap turns events into interactive and dynamic learning opportunities. It is a user-friendly alternative to hand-raising, and gives every individual in an audience the chance to express themselves unencumbered. Participants use their trusted smartphones, tablets, and computers, to answer questions and share their views and knowledge with their peers.

The result of collaboration with neuroscience researchers, educational engineers and teachers, Wooclap has the advantage of interconnecting with the platform used by teachers: LMS (Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace D2L, Sakai, ...), Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams and other platforms used by teachers.

Why use Wooclap?

1. Measure the understanding of your audience in real time

2. Stimulate the interaction and commitment of your participants

3. Improve learning

4. Boost participation

How does it work?

In 3 steps, you can transform the way you communicate with your learners:

1. Create your questions (multiple-choice questions, open questions, questions with numerical answers, matching questions, word clouds, ...)

2. Start your question and invite learners to navigate the Wooclap tab in Teams.

3. Collect the answers in real-time and dynamically adapt the content of your course based on those answers.

Wooclap's interactions include:

- Multiple Choice Questions

- Polls

- Word clouds

- Brainstorming

- Fill in the Blanks

- Matching

- Sorting

- Videos

- Find on Image

- Guess a Number

- 100-point prioritisation

- Rating

- Message Wall

- Online questionnaires (participant pace)

Wooclap’s other features include (some of them are only available for paid accounts):

- Unlimited number of events

- Unlimited number of real-time interactions

- Unlimited number of participants

- Authentication of participants

- Moderator interface

- Ranking messages by popularity

- Personal logo & colour theme

- Exporting results to Excel & PDF

- Sharing events with other Wooclap users

- Timer

- Competition mode

- Comparing two sessions

Wooclap is used by more than 500,000 professors in 150 countries and its clients include: Paris Dauphine University, New York University, UCLouvain, Maastricht University, ENSAM, Singapore Management University, ESCP Business School, emlyon business school, École Polytechnique, UCL, ...

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