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Appreciate Your Employees & Create Moments that Matter

If you use Microsoft Teams in your organization, you can now link the JobPts application and then proceed to recognize and build a culture of gratitude in the same tool your company uses for communication on daily basis. Recognizing your colleagues easily for a job well done without leaving Microsoft Teams enables frequent use of the platform and creates an irresistible employee environment that drastically reduces turnover and increases engagement. Use all JobPts options and recognize teams. To use this app, you must have access assigned to you in the JobPts platform. Once the access is given and you are subscribed you will be able to use the JobPts bot and access the solution without leaving Microsoft Teams.

With a single sign-on you can log in once and access the application without re-entering credentials all over again.

Once the application is added, you can access it at any time. The first tab of the app is the ‘Chat’ part where you can get all the details on how to use the bot, understand what are the award reasons, and get more help if needed. The Chat section consists of notifications of all your received awards through Microsoft Teams. Open the application and click ‘JobPts’ to see the main dashboard of the tool together with its functionalities.

* Please contact our customer success team on our website or email

* all users should be registered in your JobPts platform.

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