Lolly Law


Easy to use immigration case management and form-filling software.

Log emails and save documents to Lolly Law from within your inbox. This Outlook Add-in works from your desktop and mobile device with the Outlook app and also on your computer from Outlook on the web.

Lolly Law makes it convenient for law firms and teams to collaborate online and get work done remotely. With our email Add-on to Outlook it is easier to save email correspondence from a client and link it to a particular case record. Log emails, save documents and view these within the client and case record in Lolly Law.

This Outlook Add-in works from your mobile device with the Outlook app, or on your computer from Outlook desktop or Outlook on the web.

There’s no extra charge; this integration is part of your Standard or Enterprise Lolly Law subscription plan.

Mogućnosti programskog dodatka
Kad se ovaj programski dodatak koristi, on
  • Može da šalje podatke preko interneta
  • Ovaj programski dodatak može da pristupa ličnim informacijama iz aktivne poruke, kao što su imena pošiljalaca, imena primalaca, adrese e-pošte, telo poruke i informacije o prilozima. Programski dodatak može da šalje ove podatke nekoj usluzi nezavisnog proizvođača. Druge stavke iz poštanskog sandučeta nije moguće čitati ni menjati.
  • Za tren oka