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WriteWise helps researchers critically analyze their papers to improve structure and content.


The only tool to provide an end-to-end solution for writing, reviewing, and editing papers. Connect your ideas and structure your paper logically.


With the WriteWise Add-On, you will be able to: 

  • Go from zero to draft fast.

    • Want to get started from a blank page with just a few clicks? WriteWise has more than 1,000 template sentences to choose from. Insert and complete the template with guided prompts. It’s that easy to go from zero to draft!

  • Choose the right phrase with ease.

    • Not sure if you are using a word or phrase in the right context? WriteWise lets you look up hundreds of published examples. Find relevant alternatives for structuring your text and insert your choice with one click.

  • See what your paper really says.

    • Did you make sure to state the aim of your study? WriteWise lets you automatically check the purpose of each sentence – i.e. what it really says. Review if and where you are including too much or too little information.

  • Visually Verify Verbs and Voice.

    • Should you write your conclusion in present or past tense? WriteWise makes revising verb tense and voice a worry-free task. You will get an alert and detailed feedback when a verb doesn’t fit the purpose of the sentence.

  • Cut Content Intelligently.

    • Is your paper too long, but you don’t know what else to edit out? WriteWise analytically assesses the relevance of each sentence and suggests sentences that you might be able to delete. Logically meet strict word limits. 

  • Improve scientific grammar.

    • Tired of grammar checks that don’t fix scientific writing? WriteWise has over 160 grammar rules specific to scientific papers. Catch and correct wordiness, poor word choice, and informality. Get your paper journal-ready! 

  • Keep sentence length in check.

    • Do you want to help readers understand each sentence? WriteWise easily detects sentences that are too long, even when considering references. Shorter sentences = better comprehension. Make sure your message is clear.

  • Learn through instructional feedback.

    • Did you know that scientific papers have a standard structure? WriteWise gives you detailed instructional feedback for each analysis in each manuscript section. Learn how to structure a manuscript by understanding what content goes where and why. 

Follow these steps to start writing your paper today:

  • Purchase a WriteWise subscription.

    • Visit the WriteWise website and purchase the WriteWise subscription plan best suited to your needs. See Subscriptions Plans Here. 

    • After payment confirmation, you will receive an initial password that can later be changed in your account profile online.

  • Download the WriteWise Word Add-In.

  • Login to your WriteWise account. 

  • View the "Introductory Slides" to get an initial overview of the WriteWise functions.


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