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MetaVisitor build visitor appointments in the cloud era, and help efficient office work.

This application can help users quickly complete guest invitations. The user can choose to confirm the visitor object by email or mobile phone number. After the invitation is successful, the visitor will receive the invitation link email or SMS with the invitation link. After opening, the QR code will be displayed for visit registration.

You can easily Invitation a visitor in Microsoft Teams

* Invitation visitors By email and mobile phone number

* Group invitation supports more visitor scenarios

* Support visitors to paste printers, visitor applets, all-in-ones, robots and more terminals

In order to meet the needs of more users, you can process visitor self-service appointment applications through "My Approval". At the same time, when the number of visitors is large, group invitations are also a good choice.

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Mogućnosti programskog dodatka

Kad se ovaj programski dodatak koristi, on
  • Može da šalje podatke preko interneta
  • Ovaj programski dodatak može da pristupa ličnim informacijama iz aktivne poruke, kao što su brojevi telefona, poštanske adrese ili URL-ovi. Programski dodatak može da šalje ove podatke nekoj usluzi nezavisnog proizvođača. Druge stavke iz poštanskog sandučeta nije moguće čitati ni menjati.