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An Intelligent Cloud Management Platform to Manage, Secure and Optimize Cloud Infrastructure.

Centilytics is an intelligent cloud management platform which helps organizations on public cloud to manage, secure and optimize their cloud infrastructure. Centilytics also offers Cloud Managed Services across enterprise hyper-scale cloud service providers viz. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to assist customers at every stage of their cloud journey. Centilytics Managed Services operates cloud on customer’s behalf, providing Cloud Management Platform, Severity Based Tickets, 24×7 NOC Monitoring, Technical Account Manager, Proactive Remediation, Advisory Services, and Solution Architect to help customers analyze, optimize, automate and secure cloud.

There are 5 products of Centilytics:

1. Cloud Visibility

Centilytics processes gigabytes of your data, identifying deep cost and usage correlations that the human eye cannot identify.

1.1 Cost Monitoring

1.2 Inventory

1.3 Utilization Tracker

2. Optimization & Allocation

Centilytics allows Cloud Optimization & Allocation to decentralize 100% of your cost by different cost centres and optimize them upto 70%.

2.1 Cloud Optimization

2.2 Resource Allocation

3. Cloud Automation

Centilytics brings in business efficiency by allowing workload scheduling, lifecycle management & automated backups to reduce human effort on operational activities.

3.1 Fix Your Infrastructure

3.2 Schedule Your Infrastructure

3.3 Automated Workflow Management

4. Governance & Reporting

Centilytics enables easy governance and control over your cloud with advanced budgeting and reporting systems catering to all the layers of your organization.

4.1 Budgeting

4.2 Reporting

4.3 Alerting

5. Security & Health

Centilytics helps you prevent, detect, and respond to factors holding your business back, ensuring that your cloud remains stable, secure, and compliant.

5.1 Security Audit

5.2 Performance Optimizer

5.3 Fault Tolerance

5.4 Service Limits

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