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Smarp helps you stay updated with important news from your company.

Smarp is one platform for all your communications and advocacy needs. It helps enterprise businesses communicate effectively with their entire workforce, corporate and frontline.

To use Smarp within your Microsoft Teams account, input your Smarp program’s subdomain and enter your Smarp credentials or work credentials to log in within the browser, Desktop, iOS or Android version.

Once logged in, you will receive your personalised feed based on your Smarp channel subscription and language preferences. In this way, you can easily stay updated with important news published in Smarp within your Microsoft Teams application.

For guidance on setting up your domain see our [help documentation](, and if you need assistance, please contact [Smarp Support](

Mogućnosti programskog dodatka

Kad se ovaj programski dodatak koristi, on
  • Može da šalje podatke preko interneta
  • Ovaj programski dodatak može da pristupa ličnim informacijama iz aktivne poruke, kao što su brojevi telefona, poštanske adrese ili URL-ovi. Programski dodatak može da šalje ove podatke nekoj usluzi nezavisnog proizvođača. Druge stavke iz poštanskog sandučeta nije moguće čitati ni menjati.