Small Multiple Line Chart

Daniel Marsh-Patrick

Provides the ability to plot a line chart with small multiples.

A small multiple (also known as a trellis, lattice, panel or grid) is a series of charts using the same scale and axes, allowing them to be easily compared. This visual allows you to take a measure you might normally plot in a line chart, and duplicate this for the values of another category.

Refer to the example .pbix file, or the documentation for more details.

Version (28 Aug 2020):

  • Measures can now be added to default tooltips.
  • Bug fixes

Version (15 Apr 2020):

  • Now a certified custom visual 🎖.
  • Clicking a small mutiple will now filter other visuals by that category.
  • [Ctrl] + clicking a small multiple will filter other visuals by multiple categories.
  • The legend line styling will correctly mirror the measure if Dashed, Dotted or Dot-Dash.
  • Bug fixes

Version (15 Jan 2020):

A full write-up of changes can be viewed at

  • Measures can be styled individually
  • More flexibility when configuring the small multiple layout
  • Report page tooltips
  • Context menu support (including drillthrough)
  • X-axis can now manage ordinal categories and date/time fields
  • Sorting options available in visual header
  • More alternate background color configurations
  • Data limits raised from 50 small multiples and 200 axis values to 100 small multiples and 300 axis values
  • Bug fixes

Version (29 Nov 2018):

  • Resolved issues with rendering on IOS devices
  • Blank values are no longer plotted as zero
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