Treemap Bar Chart by MAQ Software


Displays the breakdown of hierarchical data using color coded proportionate rectangles

Treemap Bar Chart by MAQ Software allows users to categorize hierarchical data in sets of colored rectangles of proportionate sizes. Customizable colors make it easy to distinguish between categories.

Use this visual for all your profit breakdown needs. We used this visual to easily visualize profit performance across countries, regions, and cities. The gradient effect and size of bricks act as a performance indicator while making efficient use of space to show the distribution of values across categories.

​Key Features:

  • Select orientation between bar chart and column chart
  • Total values and data labels for all categories
  • Custom text and background colors
  • Tooltips with additional insights
  • Data by color as per legends
  • Animation to examine the visual at the granular level
  • Cross-filtering support for legend values, axis values, and the bricks
  • Supports Bookmark
  • Supports report tooltips configuration
  • Allows Drillthrough

For any feature requests or questions about this visual, please send an email to our team at​

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