Adents Prodigi

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The Only Cloud Platform To Handle Regulatory Requirements And Turn Serialization Data Into Business

  • Generate or import serial numbers according to regulatory requirements (USA, Europe, South Korea, China, Brazil ... )
  • Create unique serial numbers at all levels of your packaging line (case, bundle, carton, pallet)
  • Securely manage information exchange between sites and with suppliers (internal sites, CMOs, Supply Chain, …) with an easy-to-use connection interface that facilitates on-boarding of Trading Partners
  • Assign serial numbers depending on product type and legislation/market across all your sites
  • Exchange information securely in compliance with standards such as GS1 EPCIS
  • Securely collect serialization data from other sites (level 3), even if they are not equipped with an Adents serialization solution
  • Collect data generated at any level of your supply chain whenever a serial code is scanned
  • Time-stamp your data
  • Control and format data in compliance with data security regulations
  • Store data securely
  • Archive and index your data
  • Securely exchange data with authorities and other data repositories (Adents is a EMVO-certified OBP Gateway Provider)
  • Adents Prodigi is compliant with all the countries regulations including the US Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) from the FDA and the European Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) EU 2011/62/EU and 2016/161
  • Log your exchanges