Adobe Engagement Strategy for Retail

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Use all customer data to create and distribute personalized content for every experience.

Differentiate through experiences that delight

Adobe empowers marketers and sellers in enterprises to leverage all customer data to create and distribute content for maximum impact—turning prospects into customers, and developing loyal customers, through the power of personalized and relevant experiences at every touchpoint. Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager make this possible. In a world of increased consumer expectations and relentless competition where it is ‘survival of the most personal’, retailers know that in order to win, a strong digital foundation is critical to deliver experiences that stand out.

1. Shared data for a unified customer profile

Gather insights from disparate data sources to understand your customers and define a unified profile that is a single source-of-truth across all departments. Combine and analyze online and offline data to gain a customer-centric view and identify behavioral audience segments to execute the next best action for each individual.

2. Smart asset management to personalize at scale

Create, manage, and deliver dynamic content for digital experiences at scale with the leading content management platform. Personalize assets for rich interactions in web and mobile, in digital forms, and across all other channels. Accelerate the content pipeline with machine learning powered auto-tagging, cropping, and image recognition.

3. Campaign orchestration to deliver and monitor on every channel

Orchestrate cross-channel communications on a 1-to-1 basis, delivering contextual experiences with speed and at scale. Monitor campaign effectiveness and optimize the customer journey to drive purchase behavior, increase loyalty, and prove ROI on marketing spend. Map customer journeys and leverage AI to auto-target and personalize cross-channel campaigns.