CloudVector EE

ArecaBay Inc.

CloudVector API DR - complete API threat protection and monitoring across services and clouds.

Deployment of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is ever growing as organizations across all industries shift to mobile and IOT enabled devices to deliver the right experience at the right time to consumers, partners and employees, but many are exposed to under-protected API security vulnerabilities, threatening data breach, financial losses, and brand damage.

CloudVector is the first full-featured API Threat Protection (ATP) platform to go beyond the gateway to provide shadow API Prevention and Deep API Risk Monitoring and Remediation.

CloudVector continuously discovers, monitors, and secures APIs across services and clouds with zero-impact to applications and provide complete coverage of application environments ranging from legacy applications, 3rd party applications, virtualized, containerized, and server-less applications.

Features for complete API Protection:

  • Accurate, always up-to-date API specs automatically generated and updated.
  • Deep API data transaction monitoring.
  • Accurate anomaly detection, applying a proven Machine Learning system, to structured data.
  • Automated rule generation for response modules to take real-time actions.
  • Fine-grained session and API call level targeting, beyond network connections and IP addresses.
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