NAVOO – Digital Workplace Solution

autor Arvato Systems

Use the full potential of Office 365 and manage collaboration solutions centrally in one product.

Tap the full potential of Office 365 - with the Digital Workplace Solution NAVOO

With NAVOO you can manage your company's worldwide collaboration & communication and processes centrally in one product. NAVOO controls the use and interaction of Office 365 functions and allows individual customization for each department. Thus, every employee can find exactly the information he or she needs at any time. Individually adaptable templates ensure easy handling andefficient collaboration in global enterprises.

NAVOO controls and manages all security-relevant content, taking target group-specific company guidelines such as requirements for different geo-locations and/or organizational areas intoaccount. The simplified and self-regulated use of Office 365 with NAVOO reduces the administration and support effort and thus means ongoing cost and time savings.

Your benefits with NAVOO

  • Central control of all Office 365 applications
  • Control over the introduction of newtools, processes and features
  • Increase of productivity and employee acceptance through a self-explanatory and simple system
  • Simple usability through templates and support from integrated assistants
  • Consideration of targetgroup-specific governance and security concepts
  • Reduction of support and maintenance effort through established standards
  • Central administration, control and monitoring of access authorizations
  • Additional protection and control of your data when accessed externally
  • Secure data management at international level
  • Intranet and Enterprise Search Center for global corporate communication
  • Individual company layout
  • Audit, security and process controlfor compliance with corporate guidelines

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