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Keep track of today's visitors and enable receptionists to manage visitor check-ins and check-outs.

AskCody Visitor Management

AskCody empowers the front-desk with automated check-in flows, badge printing, NDA-signing, and notification capabilities. All fully GDPR-compliant and integrated with Outlook and Microsoft 365. With AskCody, the front desk always has a full overview of all guests in the building at any given time, including expected guests and groups by enabling meeting hosts to pre-register meeting attendees and visitors from Outlook meeting invitations. This makes one-click check-ins at the reception available with the right information and correctly spelled name tags.

AskCody Improves Front Desk Processes and Check-in Flows

AskCody Visitor Management is an intuitive and professional visitor management solution inside Outlook combining both tools for employees and tools for the reception to keep track of visitors and check-in screens to drive an efficient check-in experience, meaning no messy paperwork, paper logs, and unreadable handwriting.
Front desk processes and tasks will improve significantly, and guests will automatically receive meeting details and feel welcome when paying a visit. Organizations will greet all guests with a smooth check-in experience and GDPR compliance that doesn't intimidate. In the visitor check-in process, visitors can be added and pre-registered directly from Outlook and be sent directions before the meeting, a welcome message via SMS or email. Staff will automatically be notified of the guests' arrival when the check-in process automatically connects meeting hosts with meeting attendees.

Stay on Top of Who Visits Your Building

For the security of the company, the reception must always have a full overview of which guests are in the building at any given time, and whom they met. With AskCody Visitor Management, you manage visitors securely and professionally and track visitors and which employees are hosting them. AskCody logs visits with a full history of visitors, and who organized the event. You can view this log at any time.

You can compile evacuation reports and print them out at any time. Notifications, name tag printing, and follow-up can all be automated, optimizing workloads, and freeing up time to focus on guests.

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AskCody Visitor Management