Finabox Platform (Web, Apps and Backoffice)

autor Bankingly

World Class Digital Banking Software for every financial institution. Future proof.

Finabox from Bankingly is a leading digital banking software provider. Our omnichannel platform supports web and mobile banking, working seamlessly off a single integration and backoffice portal.

Why are we the ideal provider for every financial institution?

  • World class solution: we are constantly tested worldwide by more than 1,000,000 users.
  • Future-proof: our subscription model covers updates, enhancements and the continuous development of the platform. You won’t have to pay again for upgrades or improvements.
  • Operated on Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that guarantees safety in terms of data management. It will scale with your use and you won’t have to worry about infrastructure investment and licenses.
  • Time to market: Finabox can be implemented in 2-3 months. It can be an excellent quick win to delight your costumers.
  • Secure: offer your customers agile and secure digital banking channels. Our solution meets the Best Safe Programming Practices OWASP Top 10.
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