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Beauceron Security Inc.

An automated, adaptable, cybersecurity awareness platform designed for enterprises.

A well-rounded cybersecurity awareness program will unleash a person’s full potential to protect their organization. The Beauceron Platform empowers individuals to care more about cybersecurity and the role they play in protecting their organization from cyber-attacks.   

Phishing simulations, risk scoring, computer-based training and surveying don't work when they happen in isolation. Beauceron Security brings all of these and more into one comprehensive platform, offering cybersecurity awareness programs that change behaviour. The platform offers insightful data and analytics, helping executives make informed decisions about cyber risk.  

Beauceron offers 3 tiers of platforms designed to meet your organization’s needs wherever it may be in its security awareness journey.     

Our Lite Platform focuses on robust phishing campaigns allowing leaders to see results in real time and sharpen their organization’s cyber resiliency.   

Our Standard Platform provides the foundations for an all-encompassing security awareness program, including automation, reporting, engagement tools and more to reduce your organization’s overall risk.  

Our Premium Platform is the most customizable platform on the market, designed to help security teams automate even the most complex of regulatory regulations.    

Contact us today to learn how our industry-leading approach has helped mature clients improve their reporting rates from 30% to over 50% while also reducing click rates from 22% to 4%.   

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