Oversee SaaS

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Complete control over your supply chain and production processes.

Eyes of your business

This Application is available in English/Latvian/Russian languages
Oversee provides complete control over your supply chain, production processes, workforce efficiency, inventory, and location tracking for flawless and cost-effective business operations.

Oversee modules include:

  • Tasks - Work order creation and management, work order register, task delegation, work shift calendar.
  • Inventory – Real-time inventory management with QR codes. Integration with your accounting system. Labor warranty tracking.
  • Tools register - Tool maintenance, and repair planning, parts register. Real-time monitoring and history data, track of depreciation, real-time operating costs.
  • Location tracking - Indoor localization system, GPS data, Real-time monitoring, and history data.
  • Time tracking - Employee register. Assign roles and skills, create schedules, and synchronize it with the work calendar. Employee work order management, Work-related documentation library.
  • Analytics - Standard reports with a dashboard view, TOP analytics, Automated sending of notifications by e-mail.

Feel free to contact us and get access to the Demo walkthrough and see what you are getting by choosing Oversee.